Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pakistan would not provide nuclear details to any country, says Gilani

Islamabad, May 17: Amid consistent demands from the international community for sharing details of its nuclear establishments, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that no foreign country would be handed over any details in this regard.

“We are determined to retain nuclear deterrence at all costs while ensuring foolproof security of our nuclear assets. No use of coercion, direct or indirect, will ever force Pakistan to compromise on its core security interests,” The Nation quoted Gilani, as saying.

Gilani claimed that Pakistan has world-class security arrangements for its nuclear armaments and that questions being raised over their safety were an effort to malign the country’s image internationally.

“Pakistan has developed and operationlised an immaculate nuclear weapons security regime and insinuations to the contrary are plain mischievous and designed to create doubts in the minds of the people of Pakistan,” he said.

Commenting on the Swat military operation, Gilani said the government had taken all the political parties into its confidence before launching the operation.

He said the Taliban was given maximum time to let the process of dialogue continue and peace deal work, but they (Taliban) did not abide by the accord.

“They (Taliban) wanted to make a state within state and were working on a foreign agenda,” Gilani added.

He expressed hope that the Pakistan Army would be able to achieve its target in the war which was very important for the country’s survival.

“We can’t afford to lose the war, as otherwise country’s survival is at stake,” Gilani said. (ANI)

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