Sunday, May 17, 2009

Above The World Entertainment R&B Singer Kicks Down the Door of Opportunity American Idol Style

R&B performer Rodney Louis Baker is shaking up the independent music scene these days. Known for his innovative stage performances and marketing skills he has once again set what may be a huge trend among his fellow independents. With the blessing of his parent company Above The World Entertainment Baker has as he calls it "made the first official internet pitch to Simon Fuller of 19 entertainment and American Idol finalist Adam Lambert". The pitch just about cripples the notion of indie artist not being able to cut through the red tape to get a fair listen.

The simple fact that 19 entertainment and Adam Lambert are mentioned in the historical pitch Baker taps into the massive exposure that 19 entertainment, American Idol and Adam Lambert are receiving. However slim the chances are of getting Lambert or his company to record his composition "get it on" Baker also knows there is a good chance that his music will be heard by a new audience either way. The video is a basic slide show of Adam in some Idol moments, it plays a penetrating Track composed by Baker that may suit Adam quite well.

American Idol Top Three Performer
The final three contestants in American Idol 2009 performed on the show last night hoping to impress judges and the public before next week’s final.
This week’s theme was ‘Judge’s choice/ contestants choice’ meaning they each got to pick a track for the trio to sing.

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