Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson "MJ" Passed Away at 50

The King of Pop Michael Jackson was announced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Bel-Air mansion, according to law enforcement.
Michael Jackson rushed to hospital, UCLA Medical Center but Jackson was not breathing anymore. According to LA Times, Jackson was in full cardiac arrest when rescue units arrived on scene.

The circumstances of Jackson's death remain unclear. However LOS Angeles Police department robbery-homicide detectives have opened an investigation on Jackson cause of death and confirmed that no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

We all know that Michael contributed a lot in music industry, and nobody could do it more better than the King of Pop - the stunning child singer who fronted the Jackson 5 - the dynamite of Jackson Family.

His music was all-around, funk and rock, black and white, power chords and ballads. Thriller, remember that moonwalk? How about Man in the Mirror, and the controversial Billie Jean? These are a few of Michael Jackson greatest hits, He's a truly brilliant music artist.

Michael Jackson Death Spurs Spam, Viruses

Less than 24 hours after Michael Jackson's death, fraudsters are exploiting public interest with their attempts to spread spam and malware. Security researchers say they've observed hundreds of cases of malicious messages masquerading as information about Jackson's death. Some of them, they say, popped up within minutes of the news.

Avoiding these threats isn't difficult, though: It's just a matter of staying one step ahead. Here are some of the attackers' tactics and what you can do to keep from falling victim.

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Death of the trackball mouse

Ever wonder what happened to the track ball that was so famous in the 90’s? People swore by the logitech “giant ball” mouse.. Sure you can still get the trackball at retailers but those seem to be getting fewer and fewer in numbers. Gamersyndrome has a great article on the “death of the trackball”. I personally never understood the trackball, even after using one I thought it was annoying and cumbersome. Any readers out there still uses a trackball mouse?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cell Phone GPS Tracking - Is it Possible?

The modern world has a lot to offer and one is cell phone GPS tracking. Is that really possible?
Maybe you're wondering if a cell phone truly has a GPS feature. That is possible nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology of our times. Mobile communications is far more advanced today because of the GPS. Orbiting satellites in outer space can provide you with the information you need by transmitting the data to your cell phones.
If you're lost or if someone close to you is lost, you can make use of the cell phone GPS tracking system. Business people can benefit from this cell phone feature because they can now track all their business matters. The cell phone is not merely for contacting business associates and loved ones but now it can be used as a navigation tool.
Licensed companies will provide you with the information you need and you can also access detailed records for certain requests. You can also have the option to slip away from the service by selecting the 'hide' icon on your cell phone.
However, there are certain hot issues today in using a cell phone GPS tracking. Some people say that their right to privacy is being invaded.
So be sure to do business with a licensed GPS company provider so that you will know that you're safe and protected at the same time.
Issues should not get in the way if you want to get a cell phone GPS tracking service. It might be an additional cost on your part but the benefits are great.
Darryl Power is a writer of GPS Articles. Visit and read more on Cell Phone GPS Tracking and Motorcycle GPS systems.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inflatable Tower Could Reach the Edge of Space

Researchers say that a giant inflatable tower could carry people to the edge of space without the need for a rocket, and could be completed much sooner than a cable-based space elevator.Inflatable pneumatic modules already used in some spacecraft could be assembled into a 15-kilometre-high tower, say Brendan Quine, Raj Seth and George Zhu at York University in Toronto, Canada.If built from a suitable mountain top it could reach an altitude of around 20 KM, where it could be used for atmospheric research, tourism, telecoms or launching spacecraft.The tower does a similar job as the proposed space elevator. But while the elevator envisages using ribbons woven from superstrong nanotubes - a material that is as yet non-existent - the tower would use materials that are already available.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whoes The Winners of IIFA 2009 ?

There were no surprises for the evening as expected, IIFA awards went to stars who had already bagged a Filmfare this year.

Best Film
Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Male
Hrithik Roshan – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Female
Priyanka Chopra– Fashion

Best Director
Ashutosh Gowariker – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Male
Arjun Rampal – Rock On!!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Female
Kangna Ranaut – Fashion

Best Actor in a Negative Role
Akshaye Khanna – Race

Best Story
Neeraj Pandey – A Wednesday!

Best Debutant Star – Male
Farhan Akhtar

Best Debutant Star – Female

Outstanding Achievement by an Indian in International Cinema
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Best Actor in a Comic Role
Abhishek Bachchan – Dostana

Best Music
A R Rahman – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Lyrics
Javed Akhtar – Jashn-E-Bahara (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Playback Singer – Male
Javed Ali – Jashn-e-Baharaa (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Playback Singer – Female
Shreya Ghoshal – Teri Ore (Singh is Kinng)

Best Dialogue
Manu Rishi – Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Best Background Score
A R Rahman

Star of the Decade – Male
Shah Rukh Khan

Star of the Decade – Female
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Music Director of the Decade
A R Rahman

Giving Aishwarya Rai Star of the Decade was over the top though. Folks what do you think about the awards?

SRK to do dangerous stunts in Don2

Director Farhan Akhtar’s sequel to Don would show SRK doing more dangerous and breath taking stunts in Don 2.

Farhan talking about SRK’s shoulder surgery says, He’s always game for the audacious. But the health problems really frustrate him.”

Priyanka Chopra who starred in the Don will also be back in Don2 albeit in a more racy avatar.

Producer Ritesh sidhwani says, “We’re very much going ahead with the original cast Shah Rukh, Priyanka, Boman Irani, Arjun Rampal and Om Puri.Only those who died in the original won’t return, obviously.”

Also, for obvious reasons, this time there won’t be a double role for Shah Rukh. What he will be be doing is, some of the most heart-in-the-mouth stunts ever done by any leading man and certainly SRK’s most audacious actioner yet.

For this Shah Rukh needs to recover from this year’s back surgery. Says a source, “This is why he allotted dates in 2009 to Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan. It requires very little physical exertion whereas Don 2 is a kick-ass role.”

We’re shooting Don 2 in Dublin .No Indian film has been shot there. We want to make sure that the sequel goes ahead of the first film. While the first part was a remake the sequel is an original script and would be much tougher to film for Shah Rukh and Farhan.”

Big Entertainment on Sony Ericsson W995 phone

It’s being dubbed as the ultimate on-the-go entertainment experience. The Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone certainly packs in a lot in terms of entertainment. Media Go - a new software that debuts with this phone — transfers, plays and organises entertainment media in most formats without much hassles.

Watching videos is a great experience because of the good resolution and also because of the size of the screen — 2.6 inch. The built-in stand ensures hands-free viewing as well and battery power backs up two feature-length films. Video that is transferred from a PC to this phone does not play in low resolution or bad quality.

The extra Pocket Home Theatre speakers — MS410 — add a wow factor to this phone and can be clipped on externally to pump up the volume. It takes the sound experience to another level.

If you’re an audio freak this is the phone for you. The clear sound quality, whether it’s through the phone’s built in speakers or through any headphone connected with the 3.5-mm jack, enhances all your favourite music. The FM radio feature is also available in the W995 and premium HPM-77 headphones come with the package. In fact, here’s a gadget that doesn’t put you off listening to music on a phone. A 8GB memory stick micro comes in handy to save a huge amount of photos, video clips and audio.

If sound is the USP of the W995, the 8.1 megapixel camera comes with some bells and whistles of its own. It features a 16x digital zoom and offers photo fix, face detection and smile detection. Pictures can, in fact, be printed up to a full A3 size without having to compromise on quality. Video blogging, video light and video stabiliser, too, are featured in this phone.

Other features include geo-tagging, GPS, Google Maps and a three-month trial version of Wayfinder Navigator. Finally, the Walk Mate software will help you keep tabs on your fitness quotient by enabling you to measure the number of steps that you take daily.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

World Largest Mobile Phone set record

Among the assorted methods to contact Guinness World Records, dialing a special number combination - 4.57 x 3.42 x .74 m (15 x 11.2 x 2.5 ft) - became Cricket Communications’ and Samsung Mobile’s hotline to Guinness World Records success.
Envisioned for the two companies by creative agency ‘Neverstop, Inc.’, the fully-operational, scaled-up SCH-r450 mobile phone was fabricated in North Hollywood, California by model-making and set construction studio ‘Merritt Productions, Inc.’

Cricket Cell Phone - World Biggest Mobile Phone World Record Video

The green hulk of a phone was completed within approximately 5 weeks, and privately verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. on 4 March at Merritt Productions. The phone was then transported to Chicago, Illinois, where it was publicly unveiled to dozens of curious and excited onlookers. All spectators gathered were also encouraged to make calls or to send text messages from the Guinness World Records certified ‘largest mobile (cell) phone.’