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Shah Rukh Khan I am sad, I am angry

He was allowed to go only after Indian Embassy officials vouched for him.Shah Rukh was reportedly on his way to Chicago to attend an Independence Day parade.

Speaking to NDTV over the incident, Shah Rukh said his name popped up on their computer, and then he was taken for questioning.

“My name popped up on their computer. I was taken to a room for questioning. I was questioned for two hours,” said Shah Rukh.

The actor said that he was not even allowed to use his phone.

“This is not the first time this happened to me. I am glad my family was not travelling with me,” he added.

However, the actor denied the incident to be racial bias.

Reacting to the incident, Shah Rukh’s close friend and Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar said that he was shocked at the incident. He also said that Shah Rukh was upset over the whole episode.

However, Shah Rukh is not the first Bollywood personality to face such harassment. Kabir Khan, director of hit films like ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘New York’, was denied a visa initially because of his surname.

Talking to NDTV, Kabir Khan said that such incidents have been happening since 9/11.

The incident comes close on the heels of the ex-president APJ Abdul Kalam being frisked earlier.

PTI adds:

Reacting to the incident, Shah Rukh said that after he was stopped he sent messages to his home, his secretary and Congress MP Rajiv Shukla, who informed the Indian Mission which came to his rescue.

“I have always been worried about travelling to America. I shy away from all this. I don’t look like a terrorist going to do anything to the country,” he said.

“I did feel bad. I felt angry. I am glad my family wasn’t there. God knows what they would have done to them,” Khan added.

Other detention ordeals:

It’s not the first time that Indian actors have become victims of racial profiling abroad. Here’s a list of those who have gone through similar ordeal.

2002: Kamal Hassan was detained at the Toronto airport in Canada for his “Islamic” last name by airport officials.

2002: Megastar Aamir Khan was strip searched and interrogated at the Chicago airport.

2008: Film director Kabir Khan was also detained at least three times last year when he was shooting in United States for his film New York.

2008: Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh was also questioned because the officials thought that he wasn’t Indian.

2009: Southern superstar Mammooty was detained because his name on the passport was Muhammad Kutty Ismail.

Pakistan is to celebrate 62nd Independence Day

Nations far older than Pakistan continue to debate the meaning of loaded terms such as ‘freedom’ and ‘independence.’ In our country, that debate is particularly multifaceted. After all, even at this nation’s inception, freedom meant more than one thing: independence from British colonial rule, the option of choosing a new homeland, and the promise of living without the burden of oppression that minorities are subjected to.

Over the years, freedom has meant different things to Pakistani citizens – from Dhaka to Kashmir and beyond. But the meaning of freedom has always been negotiated and contested. Think, for a moment, of all the different contexts in which we champion our freedom: we had free and fair elections in February 2008; the lawyers’ movement agitated for a free judiciary; the freedom of our media was compromised during emergency rule in 2007; and most of the young couples who fall victim to the practice of karo kari are termed by the media as ‘freewill couples.’

Just this year, or even in the past few days, the idea of freedom has been floated and interrogated in many different contexts by Pakistani citizens. After Gojra, and similar attacks on minority communities, can we say Pakistanis are free to practice the religion they want? Just months after the Taliban assumed control of Malakand, can we say that all Pakistanis are free to educate their children and avail of any medical treatment they want?

And what of independence? What does an independent judiciary signify in a country where parallel justice systems proliferate? And what can a desire for independence mean for a nation in light of recent demands for a separate province for Seraiki speakers, or even recent comments by the Khan of Kalat?

On Independence Day, invites its readers to debate these issues to help generate a better understanding of what ‘independence’ and ‘freedom’ mean in present-day Pakistan.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kareena Kapoor Wallpapers,Pictures,Images

The most stylish lyrics (songs) in Bollywood

Last five years have witnessed the rain of creativity in penning down lyrics. ‘Dhan Te Nan’ is one such creation of Vishal Bhardwaj which is a part of his forthcoming directorial venture Kaminey. Kaminey comes across as an interesting film with this song already topping the charts. So, we thought of bringing you a list of songs which have umpteen style quotients attached to them. Here, we go with ‘Dhan Te Nan’.
Dhan Te Nan (Kaminey)- This track definitely comes as a refreshing treat for the music-lovers who crave for originality in creative endeavours. Kaminey is slated to release in August. However, ‘Dhan Te Nan’ has already caught the attention of one and all for its unconventional lyrics and music.
Aey Ganpat Chal Daru La (Shootout at Lokhandwala)- Shootout at Lokhandwala has all the important components in it to make big at the box-office. However, music again got its audiences head over heels to watch the film and make it a big success. ‘Aey Ganpat Chal Daru La’ became one of the unique selling points and in-fact is the most stylish tracks till date composed in B-Town.

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Cat Fight between Bipasha and Mugdha

Though Producer Kumar Mangat’s claims that, shoot of ‘All the Best’, in Goa went off smoothly but there was visible tension on the sets between the two ladies Bipasha and Mugdha.The story goes that Bipasha and Mugdha were constantly insecure about the length of footage being given to the other in a song. Suddenly, Bipasha felt that Mugdha couldn’t dance and began teaching the newcomer a few steps.
“Problems between the two actresses escalated during the second song, which also has them sharing screen space. They refused to speak to each other even when it was absolutely necessary and director Rohit Shetty and choreographer Bosco Caesar found it quite difficult to handle the situation,” said a source from the unit.
The animosity eventually reached a point where the two actresses flatly refused to shoot together. Mugdha initially refused to talk about the issue. On being probed further she said, “Bipasha and I were cordial with each other.Bipasha refuted the news and said, “Ridiculous, everybody was together and having fun while shooting. There were no cold vibes between anybody.”

Career is more important than kids: Aishwarya

It is said that one can never leave the taste of success when one becomes prone to it, similar is the case with former Miss World and an eminent Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.The actress has raised the speculation as she conveyed openly that career has more importance in her life than having kids.
She said, “If I want to remain in the film industry then I need to stay fit.News is that people are worried as it will be two years since Abhishek-Aishwarya’ wedding and still she is not going to add another member to the Bachchan family.
She said that she will not give birth to a child till her career is at a high. Therefore she wants to totally focus on her career right now and Abhishek also agrees with the same.

Hybrid Solar Cells Shine

As the race to create clean, renewable power heats up, the solar industry is focusing on a technology in hopes of producing utility-scale energy.
Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) solar power -- which marries traditional solar photovoltaic technology to large-scale concentrated solar power plants -- could ramp up utility-scale solar production, advocates say, especially in niche markets. But as with all developing technologies, the effort faces significant hurdles.
CPV technology involves magnifying the sun's energy hundreds of times via lenses or mirrors and focusing it onto small, extremely efficient photovoltaic cells. By magnifying the solar energy, the technology can reduce the amount of semiconductor material needed for the photovoltaic cell.
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Space Shuttle Endeavour launch delay for lightning

11 lightning strikes were reported near the seaside launch pad of space shuttle Endeavour. For that reason NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's Saturday evening launch.
NASA technicians said they will need at least another day to check critical systems. They did not found any damage after an electrical storm Friday afternoon yet. After all the testing has been completed and whether to fuel Endeavour for a possible Sunday evening launch. Liftoff would be at 7:13 p.m. if NASA attempts to launch Sunday.
Mike Moses, chairman of that team, said there were 11 lightning strikes within three-tenths of a mile of the pad, although none of them struck the shuttle, external tank or the two solid rocket boosters.
At the pad, the shuttle has an elaborate lightning protection system with sensors and wires to direct lightning away from the shuttle and its rockets.
"The lightning protection system did its job," he said.
Sunday's weather is expected to slightly better, with conditions 60 percent favorable for launch. The main concern will be thunderstorms.
Endeavour should have blasted off to the international space station in mid-June, but was grounded by potentially dangerous leaks of hydrogen gas. Repairs to a misaligned plate on the external fuel tank, which hooks up with a hydrogen vent line, solved the problem.
The shuttle and its crew are set to deliver and install the third and final piece of Japan's $1 billion space station lab, named Kibo — Japanese for hope. The first two sections flew up last year.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Dr Shah Rukh Khan keeps his awards

On Friday, Shah Rukh Khan was presented an honorary doctorate in arts and culture by the University of Bedfordshire. Dressed in ceremonial robes, King Khan was his usual charming self. And just like his acting roles, SRK wants to take his scholarly duties seriously.
Apart from film awards, SRK was honoured with the Padmashri in 2005. Internationally he was conferred the Order of The Arts and Literature Award by the French government in 2007 and last year Malaysia's Datuk honour, similar to British Knighthood.
SRK mentioned that all his awards go .....
“On one wall, where I have my personal desk, where I keep my scripts, I have the Padmashri, the French honour the Malaysian honour. This one will go there. The Filmfare awards are in front of me. So I am like a megalomaniac, self-centered person who likes to be surrounded by his awards,” he said.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Latest Mobile Phones: The 3G Technology Handsets With Latest Fascinating Features

There are several latest mobile phones in the market which come with a lot of stunning features and gorgeous look. These features are proved to be very helpful for the people.

This is the 3G technology era and in this era each and everyday people want to experience new things with innovative thoughts and ideas. Nowadays people like to perform their daily work with the help of electronic devices. In the recent times, mobile phones have become the indispensable needs of the people.

There are several brands in the arena of mobile phones which are competing with each other. The brands like Motorola, Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson and Samsung etc.can be taken as instances. All these brands have launched a lot of mobile phones with outstanding features and wonderful looks. Some of the latest mobile phones which can be taken as instances are Apple iPhone 3G S, BlackBerry Storm 9500, HTC Magic, LG GC900 Viewty 2 and Nokia N97 etc.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson "MJ" Passed Away at 50

The King of Pop Michael Jackson was announced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Bel-Air mansion, according to law enforcement.
Michael Jackson rushed to hospital, UCLA Medical Center but Jackson was not breathing anymore. According to LA Times, Jackson was in full cardiac arrest when rescue units arrived on scene.

The circumstances of Jackson's death remain unclear. However LOS Angeles Police department robbery-homicide detectives have opened an investigation on Jackson cause of death and confirmed that no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

We all know that Michael contributed a lot in music industry, and nobody could do it more better than the King of Pop - the stunning child singer who fronted the Jackson 5 - the dynamite of Jackson Family.

His music was all-around, funk and rock, black and white, power chords and ballads. Thriller, remember that moonwalk? How about Man in the Mirror, and the controversial Billie Jean? These are a few of Michael Jackson greatest hits, He's a truly brilliant music artist.

Michael Jackson Death Spurs Spam, Viruses

Less than 24 hours after Michael Jackson's death, fraudsters are exploiting public interest with their attempts to spread spam and malware. Security researchers say they've observed hundreds of cases of malicious messages masquerading as information about Jackson's death. Some of them, they say, popped up within minutes of the news.

Avoiding these threats isn't difficult, though: It's just a matter of staying one step ahead. Here are some of the attackers' tactics and what you can do to keep from falling victim.

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Death of the trackball mouse

Ever wonder what happened to the track ball that was so famous in the 90’s? People swore by the logitech “giant ball” mouse.. Sure you can still get the trackball at retailers but those seem to be getting fewer and fewer in numbers. Gamersyndrome has a great article on the “death of the trackball”. I personally never understood the trackball, even after using one I thought it was annoying and cumbersome. Any readers out there still uses a trackball mouse?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cell Phone GPS Tracking - Is it Possible?

The modern world has a lot to offer and one is cell phone GPS tracking. Is that really possible?
Maybe you're wondering if a cell phone truly has a GPS feature. That is possible nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology of our times. Mobile communications is far more advanced today because of the GPS. Orbiting satellites in outer space can provide you with the information you need by transmitting the data to your cell phones.
If you're lost or if someone close to you is lost, you can make use of the cell phone GPS tracking system. Business people can benefit from this cell phone feature because they can now track all their business matters. The cell phone is not merely for contacting business associates and loved ones but now it can be used as a navigation tool.
Licensed companies will provide you with the information you need and you can also access detailed records for certain requests. You can also have the option to slip away from the service by selecting the 'hide' icon on your cell phone.
However, there are certain hot issues today in using a cell phone GPS tracking. Some people say that their right to privacy is being invaded.
So be sure to do business with a licensed GPS company provider so that you will know that you're safe and protected at the same time.
Issues should not get in the way if you want to get a cell phone GPS tracking service. It might be an additional cost on your part but the benefits are great.
Darryl Power is a writer of GPS Articles. Visit and read more on Cell Phone GPS Tracking and Motorcycle GPS systems.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inflatable Tower Could Reach the Edge of Space

Researchers say that a giant inflatable tower could carry people to the edge of space without the need for a rocket, and could be completed much sooner than a cable-based space elevator.Inflatable pneumatic modules already used in some spacecraft could be assembled into a 15-kilometre-high tower, say Brendan Quine, Raj Seth and George Zhu at York University in Toronto, Canada.If built from a suitable mountain top it could reach an altitude of around 20 KM, where it could be used for atmospheric research, tourism, telecoms or launching spacecraft.The tower does a similar job as the proposed space elevator. But while the elevator envisages using ribbons woven from superstrong nanotubes - a material that is as yet non-existent - the tower would use materials that are already available.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whoes The Winners of IIFA 2009 ?

There were no surprises for the evening as expected, IIFA awards went to stars who had already bagged a Filmfare this year.

Best Film
Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Male
Hrithik Roshan – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Female
Priyanka Chopra– Fashion

Best Director
Ashutosh Gowariker – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Male
Arjun Rampal – Rock On!!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Female
Kangna Ranaut – Fashion

Best Actor in a Negative Role
Akshaye Khanna – Race

Best Story
Neeraj Pandey – A Wednesday!

Best Debutant Star – Male
Farhan Akhtar

Best Debutant Star – Female

Outstanding Achievement by an Indian in International Cinema
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Best Actor in a Comic Role
Abhishek Bachchan – Dostana

Best Music
A R Rahman – Jodhaa Akbar

Best Lyrics
Javed Akhtar – Jashn-E-Bahara (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Playback Singer – Male
Javed Ali – Jashn-e-Baharaa (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Playback Singer – Female
Shreya Ghoshal – Teri Ore (Singh is Kinng)

Best Dialogue
Manu Rishi – Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Best Background Score
A R Rahman

Star of the Decade – Male
Shah Rukh Khan

Star of the Decade – Female
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Music Director of the Decade
A R Rahman

Giving Aishwarya Rai Star of the Decade was over the top though. Folks what do you think about the awards?

SRK to do dangerous stunts in Don2

Director Farhan Akhtar’s sequel to Don would show SRK doing more dangerous and breath taking stunts in Don 2.

Farhan talking about SRK’s shoulder surgery says, He’s always game for the audacious. But the health problems really frustrate him.”

Priyanka Chopra who starred in the Don will also be back in Don2 albeit in a more racy avatar.

Producer Ritesh sidhwani says, “We’re very much going ahead with the original cast Shah Rukh, Priyanka, Boman Irani, Arjun Rampal and Om Puri.Only those who died in the original won’t return, obviously.”

Also, for obvious reasons, this time there won’t be a double role for Shah Rukh. What he will be be doing is, some of the most heart-in-the-mouth stunts ever done by any leading man and certainly SRK’s most audacious actioner yet.

For this Shah Rukh needs to recover from this year’s back surgery. Says a source, “This is why he allotted dates in 2009 to Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan. It requires very little physical exertion whereas Don 2 is a kick-ass role.”

We’re shooting Don 2 in Dublin .No Indian film has been shot there. We want to make sure that the sequel goes ahead of the first film. While the first part was a remake the sequel is an original script and would be much tougher to film for Shah Rukh and Farhan.”

Big Entertainment on Sony Ericsson W995 phone

It’s being dubbed as the ultimate on-the-go entertainment experience. The Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone certainly packs in a lot in terms of entertainment. Media Go - a new software that debuts with this phone — transfers, plays and organises entertainment media in most formats without much hassles.

Watching videos is a great experience because of the good resolution and also because of the size of the screen — 2.6 inch. The built-in stand ensures hands-free viewing as well and battery power backs up two feature-length films. Video that is transferred from a PC to this phone does not play in low resolution or bad quality.

The extra Pocket Home Theatre speakers — MS410 — add a wow factor to this phone and can be clipped on externally to pump up the volume. It takes the sound experience to another level.

If you’re an audio freak this is the phone for you. The clear sound quality, whether it’s through the phone’s built in speakers or through any headphone connected with the 3.5-mm jack, enhances all your favourite music. The FM radio feature is also available in the W995 and premium HPM-77 headphones come with the package. In fact, here’s a gadget that doesn’t put you off listening to music on a phone. A 8GB memory stick micro comes in handy to save a huge amount of photos, video clips and audio.

If sound is the USP of the W995, the 8.1 megapixel camera comes with some bells and whistles of its own. It features a 16x digital zoom and offers photo fix, face detection and smile detection. Pictures can, in fact, be printed up to a full A3 size without having to compromise on quality. Video blogging, video light and video stabiliser, too, are featured in this phone.

Other features include geo-tagging, GPS, Google Maps and a three-month trial version of Wayfinder Navigator. Finally, the Walk Mate software will help you keep tabs on your fitness quotient by enabling you to measure the number of steps that you take daily.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

World Largest Mobile Phone set record

Among the assorted methods to contact Guinness World Records, dialing a special number combination - 4.57 x 3.42 x .74 m (15 x 11.2 x 2.5 ft) - became Cricket Communications’ and Samsung Mobile’s hotline to Guinness World Records success.
Envisioned for the two companies by creative agency ‘Neverstop, Inc.’, the fully-operational, scaled-up SCH-r450 mobile phone was fabricated in North Hollywood, California by model-making and set construction studio ‘Merritt Productions, Inc.’

Cricket Cell Phone - World Biggest Mobile Phone World Record Video

The green hulk of a phone was completed within approximately 5 weeks, and privately verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. on 4 March at Merritt Productions. The phone was then transported to Chicago, Illinois, where it was publicly unveiled to dozens of curious and excited onlookers. All spectators gathered were also encouraged to make calls or to send text messages from the Guinness World Records certified ‘largest mobile (cell) phone.’

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Digital Sky Technologies invests $200 Million in FB

By siliconindia news bureau

Bangalore: Facebook has announced that a Russian Internet-investment group, Digital Sky Technologies has invested $200 million in the company. This will give Digital Sky Technologies a 1.96 percent equity stake at a $10 billion valuation. Digital Sky is run by Russian businessman and Internet investor Yuri Milner. It has stakes in a number of Russian Internet properties like, and a Polish social-networking site.

Wall Street Journal on Friday had correctly reported that Digital Sky had offered to invest $200 million in Facebook at a $10 billion valuation. The report also claimed that Digital Sky might offer to buy between $100 million and $150 million in Facebook common stock at a $6.5 billion valuation. In the press release, Facebook informed that Digital Sky is planning to purchase at least $100 million of Facebook common stock from existing stockholders. Even though Digital Sky will get $100 million worth of share but they will not get a board seat.

Since Digital Sky already has some experience in social networking site, it was easy for Facebook to accept the offer. "One of the things that's most interesting about Digital Sky is in their portfolio they have a large number of social networks. Each is able to monetize in different ways but all are effective," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO at a press conference.

Warid brings green technology to Pakistan

Lahore—The green technology has finally landed in Pakistan – another first by Warid Telecom. To protect environment by introducing the environment friendly or green energy for mobile in Pakistan, Warid is in lead to introduce/deploy solar powered Macro Base Stations (BTS).

The non-hybrid site is 100% powered on solar energy thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, both of which are unfriendly to the environment. The solution also reduces pressure on Pakistan’s overall energy supply which further benefits the environment.

Environment-friendly Solar Powered Macro BTS allows Warid to extend its network reach to the rural areas of the country where there is no commercial power or frequent electric failures. Solar power system integrated with energy storage can also provide backup power during the worst power outages. Every residential PV system reduces greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing one car from the road.

In four year of operations Warid has covered 450 cities and having further ambition to aggressively expand its network coverage especially in small and medium sized cities, suburban areas, countryside, as well as in mountainous areas with poor transportation links.

Hip Hop Music 2009












James Makes Money

Download the update Hip Hop music songs from here!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Web service Twitter proposes TV competition series

The social-networking service said that it has teamed with Reveille productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners to develop an unscripted series based on the site, which invites 140-character postings from members around the world.

The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format.

The producers call their proposed series the first to bring the immediacy of Twitter to the TV screen.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scientists test superjet technology in Australia

An Australian Department of Defence handout of the launch of a test vehicle as part of a hypersonics trial in Woomera, South Australia. Australian and US scientists have successfully tested hypersonic aircraft technology which could revolutionise international flight, officials said
Australian and US scientists have successfully tested hypersonic aircraft technology which could revolutionise international flight, officials said.

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Web 2.0 application developed to recommend television programmes

A group of researchers from the University of Vigo, Spain, has developed a Web 2.0 application that filters the programming schedules of hundreds of television channels to recommend programmes that viewers are most likely to be interested in, according to their tastes, timetables and other users' recommendations. This new social network is already being used by students and is freely available on the Internet.

The era of channel-hopping by television viewers trying to find a programme they like is almost over. The range of channels on offer has expanded spectacularly over recent years with the development of digital platforms, cable television and DTT, meaning it is now impossible for viewers to keep tabs on everything being shown and programmes they might want to watch.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Largest Airplane in the World - Antonov 225

When the Wright brothers flew their first plane they were elated. They had accomplished a feat no man had ever dreamed possible. Today we have planes of varying shapes and sizes, carrying individuals, small groups of passengers, cargo and packages, or hundreds of people at a time.

Despite the advances in technology over the years, it’s still difficult to comprehend something as monstrous as the Antonov 225 staying afloat in the skies. Contrary to popular belief, an aircraft of this size does not have a very recent design history. As a matter of fact, the Antonov 225 has been trailing the skies since the late 1980’s.
The Birth of the Antonov 225
The Airplane in the World -
The Airplane in the World -

The was not designed without purpose. In the 1980’s the Soviet space program realized there was a need for a plane large enough to transport their Buran space shuttle. After it flew on December of 1988, the original plane was put on display at the Paris Air Show.

currently has a maximum gross weight of 1.323 million pounds and can carry either internal cargo weighting up to 550,000 pounds or external cargo weighting up to 440,000 pounds.
he current has completed dozens of commercial flights as well as those involved in humanitarian efforts. The plane has delivered supplies all over the world, including Iraq, and has been contracted by the United States and Canadian governments. The An-225 even found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records.
While astounding in size, there’s no doubt that the is one of the most incredible airplanes to ever take flight. Hopefully the completion of the second plane in 2010 will serve to open the doors for additional opportunities, especially as far as humanitarian and relief efforts are concerned.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scientists Develop Plastic That Grows on Trees

Some researchers hope to turn plants into a renewable, nonpolluting replacement for crude oil. To achieve this, scientists have to learn how to convert plant biomass into a building block for plastics and fuels cheaply and efficiently. In new research, chemists have successfully converted cellulose -- the most common plant carbohydrate -- directly into the building block called HMF in one step.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The World’s Smallest Car

47-year-old Terry Watkins from The UK, has created the world’s smallest car ~ 39 inches tall, 26 inches wide and 51 inches long which is almost half the size of the current world record holder. The little car is powered by the engine found on lawn mower and has got the chassis from children’s toy car. Watkins has put on working headlights and tail lights, windshield wipers, signals and horn, and he got his license plate making it fully street legal. This little car can speed up to 40mph and it gets 70 miles per gallon. Video after the break.

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Palm Pre coming to US on June 6

Palm Pre has finally got an official release date. It’s now confirmed that it’ll be released by Sprint in the United States on June 6.

Starting June 6, this long-awaited smart phone will be made available nationwide in the US, not only via Sprint, it can also be obtained from others such as Best Buy, Radio Shack and selected Wal-Mart locations. You just need to pay for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate for a Sprint’s 2-year contract that gets you either a Everything Data plan or Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan.

This webOS-powered handset will also come with a couple of accessories such as a Touchstone charging dock ($49.99), and a Touchstone back cover ($19.99). Or they can be purchased together in the Touchstone Charging Kit that costs $69.99.

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Nokia 6600i slide 5Mpix Mobile Phone Now Available

Nokia introduces the new 6600i, the successor of the 6600 slide, which is the cellphone maker’s smallest 5 Megapixel slider. The 6600i is a 3G phone with a 2.2-inch LCD display, a 5 Megapixel camera with dual LED flash, integrated media player, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot.

The 6600i slide is based on Nokia’s Series 40. It is compatible with Ovi Store. The phone will be released in Q3 2009 for about Euro 200.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Remedies to Avoid Swine Flu

Swine influenza is common in pigs in the midwestern United States (and occasionally in other states), Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe (including the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Italy), Kenya, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and other parts of eastern Asia.

Home Remedies to Avoid Swine Flu:

  • Always cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; ideally use something disposable like a tissue. Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth too frequently with your hands since swine flu appears to be transmitted through respiratory droplets in the same fashion as the common cold.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water since swine flu like other viruses can be contracted by touching objects contaminated by the virus. It's unsure how long the swine flu virus can survive on surrounding surfaces.
  • Though alcohol based hand sanitizers don't routinely kill viruses they probably do offer some limited protection in preventing swine flu infections.
  • If swine flu infections have been medically confirmed in your area consider avoiding large public gatherings. Individuals can be contagious with the swine flu virus for several day before demonstrating any signs or symptoms of infection. Be particularly careful about indoor gatherings where air circulates poorly.
  • If you're really paranoid and don't mind looking odd then consider wearing a respiratory mask. This barrier method does offer some basic protection against infection though not all masks are created equally. Higher quality masks capable of filtering out some respiratory infections are more expensive.
  • If you start feeling ill with cold or flu-like symptoms do not go to work. Stay home and begin the usual home remedies for colds and flu. Contact your health care provider, local health department or hospital emergency room if your symptoms worsen or fail to improve for information about where to go to be screened for possible swine flu infection.

Symptoms of Swine Flu:
Just like the regular flu, the symptoms of swine flu are similar. Some of the common indications of swine flu are cough, sore throat, fever, chills, headache, body aches and tiredness. Some people affected with the disease also report vomiting and diarrhea. Lack of any unique symptom makes it very difficult to detect the presence of the virus in the body. Thus, it is always useful toconduct proper testing if any of the said symptoms are occurring.

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